Over the course of a 20 year and counting journey hOMe, remembering the true Self/the Eternal Divinity Within, AYHLife Company founder, Keirra, has come to keep with her a collection of “sacred” tools that she has found to be useful and helpful along the way.


She has carefully curated this collection of wellness kits to make things easier for your journey ahead, and is happy to share their sacred power with you now…


Be Well.

Six Steps Alkaline Plant-based Program Wellness Kit, crystal set of four - amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, and smokey quartz and alkaline plant-based recipes book - eat! easy everyday raw vegan recipes! - $35 

Aromatics Wellness Kit, set of four - one of each: 1.5oz of frankincense with 2 pieces of charcoal, 1 palo santo stick, 1 sage bundle  - $16 

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