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Live your life in the light with Lloyd Strayhorn, world-renowned Astro-numerologist, who shares his wisdom with us as we journey through the ever changing seasons of life...   


Theme: “Diversity”

This start of the new decade of 2020 encourages you to develop, or at least master all the potential talents, skills, gifts and abilities you possibly can. You’re likely to see more of your activities coming before the public this year as well. Life’s lessons will seem easy to learn, and you’ll find yourself more mentally and physically alert to your environment than ever before. From the standpoint of career, this is considered one of the best cycles for making changes or improving your job or career prospects. It should be quite easy to sell your ideas as well as to push your talents and expertise. Pass your resume around, for out there in the world someone is aware of what you can really do. Wednesday and Friday are your best days to look for employment, set up interviews, or ask for that well-deserved raise, promotion or transfer. Because of the particular cycle you’re passing through this year, you are likely to experience a number of relationships with members of the opposite sex. Through no fault of your own your sex appeal will increase during this year’s cycle.  There may be a tendency to even attract those younger at some point. Indications are that Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra will captivate your time and attention this year.  This would also include anyone whose date of birth adds the single digit of 5 or 6.  To add to your sexual attraction, wear bright, shimmering colors.

Relationship Months: Jan, Mar, Jun,, Oct, Dec

Career Months: Jan, Mar, May, Jun Oct, Dece

Travel Months: Feb, Apr, May, Jul, Nov

Health  Months: Jan, Apr, Sept, Oct

Life Style Months: Jan, Apr, Jul, Sept, Oct

Lloyd Strayhorn is one of our cherished special guest, featured with us monthly. To learn more from Lloyd visit his website, lloyd-strayhorn.com.

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