AYHLife Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, and We


A key component to harnessing the power of Life, and emotional, mental, and physical well-being is movement.


Yoga provides all of this, while maintaining at the forefront, a deeply rooted Spiritual connection to

All There Is/The Source of All Life.  

Beginning with the foundational building blocks of a lifelong practice AYHLife Yoga, over our six week series, takes you through each of these steps increasing your confidence, flexibility, muscular structure, and stamina. 

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Residential Six Week Series starts at $340

Business/Corporate Six Week Series starts at $1,780

Email info@ayhlife.com to start your series today!

AYHLife Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, and We
AYHLife Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, and We

Plant-based Nutrition

AYHLife Nutrition offers a customized plant-based nutrition

program to meet you where you are on your wellness journey and inspire you to continue eating healthy for a lifetime.

Going beyond the typical 30 day cleanse or "fad diet," AYHLife Nutrition utilizes a holistic approach, emphasizing an alkaline raw vegan (plant-based) foundation, providing you with tips and tools for complete wellness transformation.

Our month to month programs start at the beginner basics level so that information is easy to grasp and incorporate into your current lifestyle, meeting all of your daily needs.


The introductory monthly package includes:

  • Initial intake and assessment to focus on your goals and meet your needs

  • 4, one -on-one, 60 minute phone consultations (Mondays/Thursdays)

  • An individualized weekly meal program for 4 weeks

  • Unlimited email access

Residential Packages start at $250

Business/Corporate Packages start at $1,600

Email info@ayhlife.com to get started today!

Esoteric Wellness

Going deeper into your wellness journey and

practice may require the use of subtle energy and ancient esoteric elements with "other-worldly"

healing capabilities.  


Guided by AYHLife founder, Keirra, who has over 15 years of experience with a wide range of esoteric applications and techniques, this program is embarked upon with great care and consideration.


Most often this program is only recommended to individuals who have adopted an entirely

plant-based diet for at least a year, and have

some foundation of a yoga practice including

pranayama/breathing techniques. 

Email keirra@ayhlife.com for residential and business/corporate rates.

AYHLife Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, and We

Super easy alkaline, raw vegan (plant-based) recipes at your fingertips…

eat! raw vegan recipe book is available now at Barnes and Noble🌱💛

•Alkaline, raw vegan plant-based recipes

•Raw Vegan Kitchen (RVK) essentials

•Q&A from the author

•Sprouting chart

•and so much more…!

Just getting started with an alkaline plant-based diet? Learn about the basics with Keirra.


1 hour online course, offered in a conversational style format, from her kitchen to yours🌱💛

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AYHLife Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, and We
AYHLife Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, and We

Our Community 

AYHLife Heritage correspondent, Brother John has been learning for Life and teaching with purpose for going on twenty-two years, formally in both Harlem, NY and Philadelphia, PA.  For John, teaching is part of his Life purpose.  He states that, "Truth is essential for wellness, as is knowledge of self (heru bedhet)." 


Brother John believes knowledge of self includes a spiritual knowing, and it also means knowing the interwoven stories of the past, especially the fullness of the often intentionally misconstrued African past.  Having a healthy self-image and cultural image is rooted in knowing the past. 


AYHLife Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, and We


The AYHLife Company was founded by Keirra Strayhorn Winters, after owning a yoga studio

for ten years, based on the knowing that

ALL Beings are inherently well

- it is Our True Nature -


Her 15+ years of practicing a plant-based diet and living an esoteric and holistic lifestyle have given her insight to the grand magic and wisdom of sharing in Earth's elements for healing and wellness.

However while we face the challenges and rigors of life at times we may need support, solace, education, tools, and more to remember and align ourselves to this beautiful truth...


Keirra and the AYHLife team are grateful and honored to have the opportunity to provide a safe and supportive enviornment to assist others on their personal journey to evolve, remember, and align with the harmony and vibration of All of Life.

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